Word by – The Hypnotyst

As we arrive the atmosphere is distinctly subdued, more like a business meeting than a concert venue. The support act The Tree Sleepers warm the crowd up very well with their blend of gypsy, folk and punk. They are West Cork regulars and get the crowd enthused.

Vann Music take to the stage and kick into their set. They have an impressive array of musical equipment on stage: a few Fender guitars (Telecasters and Stratocasters), bass, Korg synths, laptops, MIDI controllers of various types; and of course live drums. The crowd are widely dispersed and the band are trying to pull them together with their music. Vann Music seem to engage the audience in an unusual way, through the power of their hypnotic music. The music stays at a steady tempo through out the concert, which gives this listener the feeling that we are listening to a hypnotic meditation. Most of their music has a very “samey” feeling to it, but in this lies it’s full impact and power. Their sound is very reminiscent of early U2 from the 80s, in addition to U2 from the 90s, when they were going through their electronic music phase. Vann Music are very adept at combining these 2 styles together, to produce their own blend of synthy indie. The usual “ebb and flow” of musical emotions and musical intensity one comes to expect when watching a gig, are abandoned in favor of this hypnotic feeling the band produce. We are treated to a new song which has not been performed before and their Number 1 hit “Boy”. This song is my personal favorite of the band’s, and reflects the peak of their song writing.

The two guitarists in the band are constantly switching between synths and guitars, which adds to the musical diversity of the show, as the lead singer and drummer stick to their positions, anchoring the audience into their way performing music. During the set, the singer informs us that this is the biggest crowd we have played to in Cork. Claiming that there were only four people in the audience the first time. We can see that they have grown from strength to strength. They have come very far since their inception and will no doubt have much further to go, and much more to offer the world in terms of music. As the final song of the night we are treated to an excellent cover of the almighty David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance.” This was the climax point of the whole gig, which left the audience with something to hum on the way home. This reviewer felt at peace when leaving the venue, knowing that there are many more great things to come for Vann Music.

The band have also just been confirmed for the Castlepalooza Festival, which should be an excellent summer concert. I, for one, cannot wait.



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