The atmosphere is the always the same in the Crane Lane. It is one of the few places that can always be counted on to have an eager crowd ready to move to the sound of music. The place is packed with anticipation as it is The Thin Air’s official printed magazine launch, for the Cork region, having previously been available in Dublin and Belfast. On the cover is the Cork band The Altered Hours, whose members are present at the gig. The cover title “Alive and Awake” suggests the mood of the audience who have gathered here to witness this occasion. Tonight’s event was put on in conjunction with FIFA Records Cork, who have hand picked tonight’s bands from their roster.

These bands are Johnny Rep, Hope is Noise, and The Vincent(s). Also adding their musical influences during the show was the DJ stylings of Mike McGrath Bryan, who is one of the contributors to the magazine, on a regular basis. A little side note here; we were treated to the amazing photography skills of Brid O’Donovan, who is the main photographer for the Cork region of The Thin Air. Some very fine prints were on sale of The Altered Hours.

After creating a vibe of anticipation and “give-it-to-me-now”, the first band Johnny Rep, take the stage and launch into their set. After watching a few songs, it’s clear the crowd have come to see the headlining act. But just when it appears as if the crowd are bored, they surge together and start moving to the music wafting out of the speakers. Johnny Rep have accomplished what they set out to do: get the audience’s musical juices flowing for the evening. Now the crowd are ready for more, in the shape of Hope is Noise.

At this point I should make readers aware, that unfortunately the sound was not at its finest, and somehow seemed to get worse and worse. It was far too loud (something I take pride in NEVER having to say! Remember: if it’s too loud, you are too OLD!!). However my ears were starting to burn and ring, and as I like hearing music, I felt the need to move back a small bit! Hope is Noise are a Cork noise-punk-rock collective, who does what it says on the tin. Each song is like a sonic assault on the senses. One can’t hep but feel that the lead singer is shouting at the audience, like a conductor trying to conduct a symphony of cacophony. Beating the lister into submission through physical force alone, the need for songs seems almost secondary!  However, this is making the crowd writhe, wriggle and jump with great glee. They remind me of 90s American sloppy punk rock bands, energy flowing out of them in every single direction.

Now the mood in the Crane Lane takes a sharp incline upwards, as the crowds start gathering in bigger numbers to join The Vincent(s) in celebration of this event. The first two songs set the tone well; with big fat synths, next to pulsating bass lines, super tight drumming and Mark Allen’s unmistakably rough and bluesy vocals. Sounding like a husky Les Claypool channeling the spirit of Jim Morisson whilst on an acid trip, the audience are listening to his every word, and I can’t help but move! At one point a guitar string needs to be changed and we are treated to some choice 4 letter words from Mark about us. Is he joking? Will we ever know? Despite Mark’s tongue lashings, the band propel into the next song with even great energy, feeling like they have something to prove. As they finish the gig the their two finest songs, I Asked Her To The Dance and Who’s That Boy?, this listener can hear the influence that their recent collaboration with Courtney Taylor-Taylor has created. They finished on a high note as Mark started breaking gear in true rock and roll style!

Congratulations to The Thin Air, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them and the Cork music scene. Copies are available from Pludg Records in the Triskel.



No one can argue that The Stoles are not a hard working and dedicated band. In only two short years they have a four track EP, several videos and now a new single, Man In A Cave to be released. This indie rock band who are based in Dublin but who hail from other parts of  Europe including France, Germany, Poland and Portugal, form a perfect sonic collaboration. Their new single Man In A Cave is set to be released in Tower Records on January 15th where they will play a live in-store gig! Man In A Cave was recorded in Wasteland Studios Dublin whose client list include everyone from Bob Dylan to Miley Cyrus and Hozier.

The Stoles have had many great reviews:

‘This is definitely’ an independent band on the rise’, I certainly could see rock music appreciators around the world really taking a huge liking for these rocking cats! – Forkster

What makes them stand out is that they come from different schools of rock; so to speak. These include 60s glam rock, grunge, psychedelic rock, punk and metal. Putting these altogether creates a unique sound that can only be described as The Stoles sound. – AMN Australian Network 

“The Stoles are the new band to watch out for!” – BizBlitz Magazine

“This Dublin based foursome are certainly doused in potential – Pure M Magazine

“Their vibrant music pulses I reckon could really get class music appreciators grooving to their solid songs globally, I know they got me on board!” – Forksterocks Magazine

“The Stoles EP – 8/10” – Unsigned and Independent  

The Stoles are currently managed by former Miss Cork Antonia K. Moore. To date The Stoles have played many of Dublin’s well know venues such as Whelan’s and The Twisted Pepper. They are gearing up to play The Crane Lane Theatre, Cork on January 10th and will once again play the Twisted Pepper in Dublin on January 17th.

Formed in April 2012 The Stoles comprise Antonio on bass and vocals, Jacek on guitar and vocals, Clement also on guitar and Marcel on drums. For all press inquiries please contact Antonia, on 086 0729383 or

And now : Their first playlist of the year featuring  and  !!!


StayStillPills are an East Cork based Irish American neo-psychedelic rock group. The band started in 2013 when Mick Hayes (Rulers of the Planet/The Shanks) and Clancy Potts teamed up with Darrin Mullins (Dissolutes/The Driven), Emmet Ryan (Kidminister) and Ian Walsh (Allegro).  StayStillPills are very influenced by all things 60’s as well as avant-garde Jazz and slight touches of Stoner Rock. In the summer of 2013, StayStillPills recorded a version of Del Shannon’s Move it on Over and this has subsequently been included on the Del Shannon Songwriters Tribute album that is currently on release in the US on Rockbeat records. Other luminaries included on this album are Frank Black (Pixies) Nash Kato (Urge Overkill) and Randy Bachmann (Bachmann Turner Overdrive).

Supporting Stay Still Pills in The Crane Lane Theatre Cork were Corks latest electronic duo Deadlights.  Check out Deadlights video below.


Tonight at Crane Lane Cork Deadlights and none other then Toy Soldier play whats set to be an awesome show! Toy Soldier describe themselves as “An Irish based electro-pop trio combining a dance floor groove with rocking riffs. Think of your favourite club night with Nine Inch Nails and Blondie mashing it up on the decks.”

Its set to be a packed house and will no doubt get the crowd dancing like crazy!  Check out Toy Solder’s latest single “Sugar’ on youtube also Deadlights with ‘Chemical Sunset” below.


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Last week on INDIE ARENA we had a random bathroom interview with Shane the drummer from The Vincent(s) and Dave the bassist from The Telescopes who played The Crane Lane Theatre Cork. Next weeks show should deliver to you interviews from The Minutes, Hamsandwich and VANN Music so tune in!