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It was certainly a fantastic night! Although on a number of occasions I was about to get down and rock out, I caught myself and realised, it is definitely not a rock concert. It was a large venue which I reckon is more suited to rock artists in my opinion. Beck is the kind of artist that is more suited to festivals or smaller intimate gigs. He did a great job on stage with an oversized cowboy hat and skinny figure.

The man is certainly creative and unique when it comes to music production so I appreciated every minute. Check out this article below.

PICTURES AND VIDEO: Old and new at his Beck and call Live at the Marquee | Irish Examiner.


O EMPEROR -‘Switchblade’

What the fuck happened to the video!!!?? Love that video, its humorous and on point. It has vanished form youtube and public viewing. The illuminati must have got them in the end :-S


Unsigned & Independent

It is not just the ‘Cyanide & Happiness’ appeal to the animation that you come to like about this video. The synth has this gorgeous apparel to it that tidily hides away on the track. Overall the tune has a fine balance that comes across in the tempo which sees the direction of the tune develop in a rotund way that keeps everything in focus. You do pick up on the sharper facets of the delivery and it is a very appealing tune because of this. With the substantial way everything is balanced there is a great deal going for it and if this is a taste of what the band are all about in 2015 then we can’t wait to hear more.

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Featured Poet: Frankie Griffin

Autobiography of a Fever

I had the joy and pleasure of meeting and befriending Cork-based poet Frankie Griffin during my stay in Cork City, Ireland. And joy is an understatement.

Frankie and I bonded over a shared love for copious amounts of tobacco and coffee, as well as the idea that poetry is a form of blood-letting, a way of metaphorically slicing veins to release the bad stuff. We would meet and chat about life and exchange writings. In fact, it was Frankie who really pushed and inspired me to actually pursue my writing as a career, to get what I was creating and saying out there and into the world. For that I am forever grateful. But enough about me.

Frankie Griffin writes with the grit and honesty of a true maverick poet*, a living Bukowski who’s got a lot more to give, allowing a certain tenderness to emerge from the darkness. His…

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