O Emperor – Switchblade

The Last Mixed Tape

O Emperor have unveiled their delightfully off-kilter new music video for the band’s single ‘Switchblade’.

Animated by band member Paul Savage the music video for ‘Switchblade’ follows psychoacoustic expert/songwriter Grenson as he writes a hit song for the Illuminate, and things elevate from there to giant lizard musicians, subliminal messages to even a slight nod to 1996 film That Thing You Do.

With it’s joyously manic/surreal animation Savage’s music video for ‘Switchblade’ finds the right blend of fun, satirical and visually off-kilter imagery that follows the bouncing indie-rock edge of the single itself.

With O Emperor’s Lizard E.P. due for release next month, ‘Swtichblade’ has proven to be an attention grabbing return from the Waterford band with the track featuring in TLMT’s The Mixed-Tape song-of-the-week series.

Click above to watch the music video for ‘Switchblade’ by O Emperor. The single itself is available now via bandcamp.ie.


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