StayStillPills are an East Cork based Irish American neo-psychedelic rock group. The band started in 2013 when Mick Hayes (Rulers of the Planet/The Shanks) and Clancy Potts teamed up with Darrin Mullins (Dissolutes/The Driven), Emmet Ryan (Kidminister) and Ian Walsh (Allegro).  StayStillPills are very influenced by all things 60’s as well as avant-garde Jazz and slight touches of Stoner Rock. In the summer of 2013, StayStillPills recorded a version of Del Shannon’s Move it on Over and this has subsequently been included on the Del Shannon Songwriters Tribute album that is currently on release in the US on Rockbeat records. Other luminaries included on this album are Frank Black (Pixies) Nash Kato (Urge Overkill) and Randy Bachmann (Bachmann Turner Overdrive).

Supporting Stay Still Pills in The Crane Lane Theatre Cork were Corks latest electronic duo Deadlights.  Check out Deadlights video below.


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