Encas Serqhar – Mesmerise E.P.

The Last Mixed Tape

Mesmerise EP

Encas Serqhar three-track E.P. Mesmerise contains flourishes of instrumental electronic brilliance and promise.

Opening with its title-track Mesmerise makes a slightly uneasy start as the music falls into clichéd territory with a number of electronica tropes making their way into the song’s overall sound. Playing with genre expectations and becoming a victim of their familiarity can be a difficult line to walk.

However, the E.P. soon finds it’s footing with the brilliant ‘Solas’. With this track Encas Serqhar expands the sound of Mesmerise considerably with Daft Punk influences coming to the fore towards the song’s captivating finale. Engrossing and progressive, it is with this piece that the artist’s strengths as an electronic producer become more clear.

With the ethereal electro soundscape of ‘The Voices of Our Dead Friends’ bringing the E.P. to a thematic and introspective close the mixture of ambient and synth-pop elements found at the core of Encas…

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